Lastrap Premium Comfort Knee Support in Extra Large.

Lastrap Premium Comfort Knee Support in Extra Large.

  • Measure circumference around mid-thigh approximately 6 inches above the knee.
  • Longer for Supreme Comfort. These new knee supports are more chunky, provide more warmth and are even more supremely comfortable than before. The extra length helps to stop the support from rolling up or down the thigh or calf and stops it from bunching up around the back of the knee.
  • Luxurious Materials and Gentle on the Skin.
  • Fast Pain Relief. A significant level of pain relief is quickly provided by gentle, uniform compression and by helping to keep the knee area warm.
  • Machine Washable. The durability of a support is important to provide years of trouble free pain relief. The materials were carefully chosen for their excellent properties which include longevity, colourfastness and supreme comfort.

Our Premium Comfort Knee Support was specifically designed to combat pain fast whilst being supremely comfortable and gentle to your skin. These new knee supports are more chunky, provide more warmth and are even more supremely comfortable than before. They are also longer helping to provide warmth and gentle compression to a larger proportion of the leg than ever before. Pain relief is quickly provided by gentle but consistent compression. Because of the nature of the materials we chose, our Comfort Knee Supports provide a natural feeling and uniform compression meaning no tight areas and no loose areas. It’s this even compression, combined with our ‘Comfort’ premium materials that help to make this, what we believe to be, the most comfortable knee support on the market today, even when worn for extended periods of time. The seamless design is achieved by actually knitting each support on state of the art, computer controlled circular looms. Once knitted the top and bottom are finished by skilled and experienced staff at which point they are then handed over to a quality control expert. The knee support is then checked thoroughly for imperfections in both the material and the stitching. Only once it has passed through quality control can the knee support then be packaged and readied for sending to us. All this means that the product you actually receive will be perfect.

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Wholesale SECURE Denture Adhesive Comfort Strips – 15 Strips, [Health & Beauty, Oral Care] by StarSun Depot

Wholesale SECURE Denture Adhesive Comfort Strips - 15 Strips, [Health & Beauty, Oral Care] by StarSun Depot

  • Suitable for Lower Dentures (only)
  • Clincally proven to be the most effective denture retention solution available
  • Effective even in cases of very flat and narrow lower ridges
  • Provides strong bond between dentures and gum

SECURE Denture Strips are actually an adhesive that creates a secure, strong and long lasting bond between the gum and denture.

SECURE is insoluble and its effectiveness is not diminished by drink or saliva.

SECURE is designed for the more problematic lower dentures, though it is also great for uppers.

SECURE does not require saliva to be present in the mouth and is ideal for patients with dry mouth.

SECURE is taste free.

SECURE is zinc free.

SECURE Denture Adhesive Strips provide strong bond between lower dentures and gum for those denture wearers with flat and/or narrow lower gums.

It holds lower dentures firmly all day long.

Acts like a soft pillow, preventing, tissue irritation, compression sores and inflammation of the oral mucosa.

Provides you with the confidence to lead a full and active life.

1. Clean and dry lower denture thoroughly before applying the SECURE® Adhesive Strips

2. Remove the foil on both sides of the cushion before using.

To easily remove the foil, bend the strip slightly

3. Apply the strip inside the lower denture and press firmly in place. Press out any air bubbles.
4. If necessary, trim strip with scissors to fit the denture.
5. Insert denture into mouth and bite firmly.

For best results wait 15 minutes before eating or drinking.

The SECURE® Denture Strips are not soluble in liquids or saliva, it is also effective for denture wearers with excess saliva.

The SECURE® Denture Strips acts also as a soft liner that prevents tissue irritation, compression ulcers and inflammation of oral mucosa.

It causes no jaw recession.

SECURE® Denture Strips gives your lower denture a firm all day hold and extra comfort.

You can laugh, speak, eat and drink again with full confidence and comfort as if you had your own teeth.

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